Visual arts project


Please see our recent post for details of a gallery exhibition (2-7 November 2015). We were pleased and grateful to be awarded a grant from the Care UK Wellbeing Foundation to develop this work. Since the gallery exhibition, we have been making arrangements to exhibit the creative works in other accessible spaces in South London, and details will be added to the blog as we have them.



In spring-summer 2015 we worked with a group of young people who are studying for a BA in photography at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL), to create a visual arts exhibition inspired by and featuring members of the King’s College London Stroke Research Patients & Family Group. This collaboration between the students and stroke survivors explored the experience of stroke, participation as a research subject, and relationships between researchers and researched. The project acknowledges the contribution stroke survivors have made to the SLSR and stroke research, revealing the people and stories behind the data on which SLSR research relies.

The final works include photography, audio-visual pieces and written reflections from stroke survivors. They were first shown at the SLSR20 Stroke Research Symposium on 22nd July 2015. Images of the work can be seen below and the film clips are here.

The students who produced artwork were Halszka Staniewicz, Hedvig Larsson, Emily Hinckley, Emilija Milusauskaite, Kristine Gauraca and Giorgia Castiglioni.

We are grateful for funding from the Wellcome International Strategic Fund, the British Heart Foundation and CareUK, which has made the visual arts project and exhibition possible.

SLSR tour of SE London
Visual arts project work being exhibited in a community centre in SE London
Paul McPherson Gallery exhibition
Paul McPherson Gallery exhibition
Paul McPherson Gallery exhibition
Paul McPherson Gallery exhibition
Paul McPherson Gallery exhibition
Jawad in front of video created by him and student Giorgia
CareUK, survivors, students, at SRPFG meeting
Student artists, stroke survivors and Healthcare Manager CareUK at a Stroke Research Patients and Family Group meeting

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